Tomatoes is Very good for oily skin – Explained by Top filler injector

Tomatoes are packed with Vitamin A C n K. While cooking vitamin K looses it power. So daily eat one raw tomato. Tomatoes are excellent in treating acne scares/dark spots/age spots. Just Cut the tomato and dip it sugar. If you are looking forward to Top filler injector

As sugar is gentle on skin. Now start scrubbing on face for 3 minutes. And then wash your face with plain water. You will notice imm change. As tomatoes also have natural bleaching properties. So it fights with acne pimples dark spots acne scare. It is good for bones! As it contains vitamin C. I hope you guys! Noticed my hands. Glowing. Love

magic Homemade Fairness Pack Naturally

Here comes the magic Homemade Fairness Pack Naturally! You all gonna love it.


1. Lotus 1 flower

2. Raw Milk 5 spoons

3. Multani Mitti 1/2 teaspoon

4. Honey 1 spoon.

Take mixer Jar. First wash the Lotus petals. Then pluck them and put in the mixer jar. Now add Raw milk, Multani Mitti, and finally honey. Now grind it till its fine paste. If has not formed like paste! You got to add few spoon of milk again to form a paste. Now transfer it in a air tight container. Apply on your clean face. Gently rub your face for 3 min. Now wait for 15 minutes. Take a tissue paper and wipe your Lotus Fairness pack from the your face. Do not wash your face. Now see your Fair Face face in the mirror. Follow this once a week. You can use on hands and also legs.

Lotus has mild bleaching properties. It lighter the skin. Reduces blemishes and dark spots. Honey is a natural moisturizer, milk contains lighting properties. So this pack works on each skin type.

Make your face fresh in 20 min

take a bowl and add 4 spoon of Rice and wash the rice two time, But dont throw away the rice water, take it into a different bowl. Rice is high in protein, it has the capability to fight with acne, redness and rejuvenates and keeps the skin hydrated. Now in rice water add 1 teaspoon honey and 1/2 tea spoon Olive Oil. If you have a white mask, which is available is cosmetic stores. Or cotton balls also work soak the white mask in that rice water, for 2 min then apply on your clean face and wait until it dries. After 20 min remove it. dont wash your face, rub gently with your fingures and notice the change on your face an let me know.

Winter tips for dry flaky skin

Winter tips for dry flaky skin cause of harsh cool and wind. So here I am going to share a wonderful regime. Where you can keep your skin moisturized soft and supple.

What we need

!. GRAM FLOUR 1 teaspoon

2. Milk Powder 1 teaspoon

3. Honey Or Olive Oil 1 spoon

4. Rose water 1 spoon

Now take a bowl and mix all these ingredients well to form a paste. See your face is clean. Now gently apply on your face, leave the eye area. And wait for 20 min. After it dries wet you fingures and rub in circular motion, repeat it again. Now Wash your face completely with plain water. And notice your skin like baby soft!

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