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Many of the slot machine games at Titan Casino online are based on superheroes. For example. the lead characters in Marvel superhero slots machines are men and women who stumble into superhero powers and take the world by storm. Only here’s the twist – some aren’t based on people at all, but instead on apes.

That’s the case with the King Kong slots, which are based on an unforgettable fantasy film from the 1930s. The story of the rise and fall of a fearsome monster primate is one of Hollywood’s all-time classics, and there’s no reason it can’t translate to a fantastic casino gaming experience as well.

Let’s explore the history of the movie series and then take a quick peek at Titan Casino’s Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World slots game.

The Original Film Classic

The original King Kong premiered in 1933, the product of writers James Ashmore Creelman and Ruth Rose and director Merian Cooper. The film tells the story of Carl Denham, a filmmaker who enjoys filming animals in exotic locales. One day, he stumbles into the subject of a lifetime – a massive ape, identified as “Kong,” who’s invading New York Harbor.

Denham (Robert Armstrong) begins filming a movie about the ape, starring young actress Ann Darrow (Fay Wray). But things go wrong when Kong emerges from the jungle and kidnaps Ann, carrying her away into the forest. The film crew soon discovers that plenty more giant creatures are lying in wait, deep in the jungle, and the suspense mounts.

The ’30s film classic was revered by millions, and it spun off into a major remake in 1976. Then, in 2005, King Kong hit the big screen again in a modern blockbuster film.

The 2000s Remake

King Kong returned to Hollywood prominence last decade with major financial backing from Universal Pictures and some big names attached to the project. Peter Jackson, fresh off of a handful of Oscar wins with his Lord of the Rings series, signed on to co-write, produce, and direct the new King Kong, with Jack Black playing Denham and Naomi Watts as Ann. Adrien Brody played Jack Driscoll, the screenwriter working with Denham on the King Kong movie project.

The 2005 film was set back in 1933, giving modern Americans a chance to revisit the Great Depression-era setting. Denham is a troubled, almost haunted character, and Ann is unemployed and desperate for acting work. The film certainly captures the economic reality of the times.

It’s also jam-packed with special effects and action. Initially, it was budgeted at $150 million, but that figure ballooned to a whopping $207 million. It eventually made that money back and then some though, generating $550 million worldwide, plus it earned three Academy Awards for its technical genius: Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects.

Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World Casino Slots Game

With the King Kong slot machines at Singapore casino game, you get to relive the movie experience while also getting a chance to win big money. Thanks to the game’s high-quality graphics, you get to enjoy the same look and feel as the classic movie. There are both Skull Island and City Tower backdrops, displaying two of the film’s classic settings, and plenty of bonus features that might lead to some serious winnings.

In this five-reel, 20-slot game, there are bonus games and re-spin features that help you maximize your payouts. To explore all the possibilities, be sure to get in the game today.

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