Eyeshadow Brush – Explained by Neck Lift Surgery in Atlanta

For the really indulgent, three eyeshadow brushes will take you wherever you want to go in style. A tiny brush allows you to go right up to the eyelash line for fine precision work (when you want to draw a single line, or accentuate the crease in your eyellid). If you are looking forward to Neck Lift Surgery in Atlanta

A medium one will pick up a lot of colour and wash it over the lid in a couple of moves, and a big diffuser brush will let you really blend, blend, blend. Resist the temptation to dip this brush into vibrant shadows – save it for applying the neutral base colours that are staple undercoat for any look.

Foundation Sponges

Foundation Sponges are brilliant for building up coverage slowly in layers. For liquid and cream foundations, use a wedge to give you control and help spread it evenly. Avoid natural sponges- use even textured synthetic ones (make sure they are latex-free), which are soft and malleable.

Glossy Eyes

First used in black and white hollywood films, the glossy eye has been firmly reinstated at the forefront of fashion. It looks great but requires major upkeep, so it is a definite no no for everyday wear.

Glossy Eyes Applying Tips

Prepare eyelids with foundation and powder.

Add a generous scoop of loose powder underneath your lower lashes. This will catch any falling color pigments and can be swept off easily afterwards.

Then choose your favourite single eyeshadow color (anything from baby pink to citrous orange) and sweep it generously, and evenly, from the lash line right upto the brow bone. Gently dust off any fallen color shadow with a large powder brush

Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. At this point, once the gloss is applied, you will run the risk of smudging your lids and eyelashes.

Remember that this look works best on the very young. For anyone over 35, creamy shadows are far more flattering.

Lip Brushes

That so many women apply lipstick without a lip brush is shoking – the result are so wastly improved when you use one. Ideally invest in two lip brushes – the first to do the dockey work, and a second, small retractable one to keep in your handbag.

Whether you choose a square-edged brush or a tapered one is up to you : a square- edged one gives more control on line work, while a tapered one lets you get right into the corners. A natural bristle is better here, so if you are going to splash out on a lip brush, this is the time to do it.

Luscious Lips – How to apply Lipstick and Lip Liners?

One of the most common problems people often complain about is lips feeling dry, skin peeling or lips getting darker with age.

Technically, the lips are covered with ‘mucous membrane’ which is a thinner and more delicate type of skin. Unlike the rest of your skin, lips don’t have oil glands to keep them lubricated. This lack of natural protection makes them extremely vulnerable to chapping and, hence, darkening-especially by the sun. Apart fromthe sun, the cold, dry air of winter can also take its toll. Air conditioned environments are drying as well. Licking and biting your lips only worsens the dryness. Other causes for dry, flaky lips include:

Unsuitable cosmetics: The commonest cause of dry lips is using cosmetics that do not suit you.

Tooth paste: The colour component of toothpastes is a common incriminator.

Lipsticks: You may be allergic to a particular brand or, more commonly, to a particular shade.

Chapsticks and lip balms: Ironically this is a very common cause for chapped lips, especially the flavoured and coloured ones.

Soaps: This is a relatively uncommon cause. Because lips have delicate skin, they can start reacting before the rest of the face. Often, the lips and the eyelids are the first to start reacting to a soap by getting flaky or dry.

B-complex vitamin deficiency: This can happen if you take antibiotics without vitamins, or if you go in for fad diets or have rapid weight loss.

Bowel infections can sometimes cause dry lips.

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