Shiny Objects, Demand Generation and ABM

With #FlipMyFunnel, the San Francisco event only a few weeks behind us, it seems as if Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is now the “shiny new object” that has captivated the attention of B2B marketers. Just in the last few days, I have received countless emails from organizations declaring ABM the new way to conduct marketing; that “ABM has now gone mainstream”, and the pronouncement of an “Industry Account-Based Marketing Framework” from our friends at SiriusDecisions. Even my firm, ANNUITAS, has written a blog on what “Flipping the Funnel” means to us.

It seems that each and every year there is a new trend (not that ABM is all that new) or “shiny object” that overtakes B2B marketing and like moths to a flame we go flying off to develop a new strategy, new approach to align to X,Y, and Z. Anyone remember Revenue Performance Management? The rise of the Chief Revenue Officer? The Chief Marketing Technologist? It seems as quickly as these new approaches and strategies rise, they also fade away and are replaced by something else. It is no wonder that many marketing departments still struggle with demonstrating their value year after year. It is near impossible to demonstrate value when the approach to marketing changes continually – cause and effect.

While I may seem like an ABM-antagonist, I’m truly not. I do believe, however, that marketers need to take a step back before going all-in on ABM and consider some things that may help frame the approach to ABM and perhaps give us something to think about:

1. ABM is Not New

There have been many who have written articles or from the stage discussed the concept of ABM as if it is a new concept. However, this concept is hardly a new one. Over 15-years ago when I managed demand generation for a major software company we were tasked with supporting sales for “account based selling.” This led to our team having to work with our sales team, identify the accounts, the key stakeholders in these accounts and seek to generate leads therein. While back then we did not have all of the technology we had today and there was not quite the buzz around B2B marketing, the concept was the same.

2. This Does Not Mean the Death of Inbound Marketing

Much of what I read and hear in regards to ABM is that outbound is key and that inbound is largely fading. This could not be more inaccurate.  As has always been the case with demand generation, it is a combination of inbound and outbound that is the most effective. Having your content searchable so buyers can find it and then responding via outbound is how you create a dialogue with your buyers. Simply blasting out to “strategic accounts” is not as effective and will limit the results.

This is not to say that key account considerations should not play a role in your inbound strategy — it means that it is more important to emphasize those considerations and the role they play in persona development and the creation of content to support those personas. Understanding the mix of inbound and outbound rather than outbound vs. inbound will help drive better overall results.

3. Organizations Cannot Lose Site of Individual Stakeholders

There is no doubt that within the world of B2B we are living in a consensus buying era. According to CEB, there are on average 5+ buyers as part of any kind of B2B buying committee. The ABM approach would be to identify those stakeholders and market accordingly. However, with all of the talk of ABM as the new darling of B2B marketing, the truth is very few marketers are actually doing this. In fact, according to the B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Survey that we here at ANNUITAS conducted, 65.1% of organizations do not develop specific content for the individual personas on the committee.

Content is not a one size fits all; it must be tailored to each person within the account. If organizations are going to be successful they cannot just blanket an account with content. It is one thing to identify specific individual stakeholders, it is a whole other thing to speak to their unique needs and perspectives.

Simply focusing on accounts, rather than the people and the roles they serve as part of the account, runs the risk of being generic with your message. We are still selling to individuals who are all unique in their role and need to be sure we do not lose sight of that.

4. Limits Content Effectiveness

According to Content Marketing Institute, the percentage of marketers that can prove the value of their content has dropped by 12% over the last three years. Perhaps one of the reasons for this, is the majority of organizations are not developing content that is specific to each member of the buying committee.

This approach is limiting content’s effectiveness and again does not speak to the individual pain points and challenges that exist within each member of the buying committee. As a result, it limits the effectiveness that this content can have.

In reports by CEB, the breakdown of a buying committee usually happens within 37% of the first purchase phase. So we must ask ourselves if developing content that not only speaks to the committee at large, but to the individuals as well, could help solidify the consensus sale?

Account-based marketing is something that marketers need to consider, but at the same time, be careful not to go so far down the ABM road they lose their bearings on what constitutes strategic demand generation best practices. We must as marketers avoid the “shiny new object syndrome” and be sure we are doing what is needed to understand our buyers not only at the account level, but the individual level as this is what has the most impact.

Stop Wasting Time in Excel – Embrace R

If you have spoken with a data scientist in the past few years, you’ve probably heard him or her talk about “R.” R is a statistical programming language created in 1993 and is the modernization of the classical programming language “S.” According to the most recent O’Reilly Data Scientist Salary Survey, R is used by more than half of all data scientists and could very soon outpace Excel’s usage in modern data science.

R is incredibly effective because a few lines of code can completely and repeatedly ETL (which is data science jargon for Extract, Transform, and Load) data sets containing hundreds of thousands of rows and columns. Since learning R, I have managed to minimize the ETL necessary for a recurring data project from ten hours of work down to only ten minutes. Given R’s amazing potential to increase productivity by reducing the time needed to complete data projects, all businesses in 2016 manipulating data or statistics should leverage R or a similar statistical programming tool.

Where R Trounces Excel-

I’m sure that many skeptics will read the above and think “Why should I learn R? I’ve been doing my data cleaning and reporting in Excel for years and I’m doing just fine.” Certainly, Excel is an incredibly valuable tool for being able to view complete data sets, make spot changes, and tease out some simple statistics, but those are the only things that Excel really does efficiently.

The moment your data set surpasses 50,000 or so entries, you will be spending more of your time waiting for Excel to load than you will spend actually working. This is where R truly shines: in the two minutes it would take for Excel to even open the spreadsheet, R can both load your spreadsheet and complete whatever ETL you need.

Speed is not the only reason that R is a more powerful tool than Excel. Below are just a few of the data pain points I’ve used R to solve:

  • De-duplicated data based on multiple fields while still prioritizing one field over the others
  • Blended spreadsheets to add more data to each entry based on one or more fields
  • Recombined an enormous database that has been broken up into multiple spreadsheets
  • Reoriented data and optimized it for use in Tableau
  • Put all the dates in a dataset in the same format
  • Fixed labels for each record so they can properly be categorized and reported on.

How Do I Implement R? Does It Cost Anything?

The best part about R is that it’s free. Simply download R from the R-Project website, install it, and you’re ready to go! Now, if you open R, you’ll notice that the interface is rather Spartan. Because of that, I’d also recommend installing RStudio, another free product that makes R a lot easier to work with. RStudio keeps track of your coding history, lets you write code in a separate environment from the console (where you input code), looks up R help files, and keeps track of the packages you have activated.

Now comes the hardest part: learning the language. While you will need to spend a few weeks studying the code, I encourage you to think of this as an investment as opposed to extra work. Late nights or weekends fixing large datasets will completely disappear once you have even a basic fluency in R.

Additional resources are available to help you learn the language more effectively:

  • Johns Hopkins University’s Data Science courses on Coursera
  • Learning R by Richard Cotton
  • The R-Bloggers website

The trick really is to learn how to “think in R,” so to speak. In particular, I’d recommend the courses from Johns Hopkins to achieve this end. The professors are knowledgeable, the lectures are in-depth, the projects are relevant, and best of all it’s free (unless you want to pay for the certification of completion for your LinkedIn page).

A Bright Future Ahead-

The above barely scratches the surface of what R can do. I am still learning new and amazing things to do with the language every day. Luckily, ANNUITAS is as interested in the tool as I am and has been gracious enough to help facilitate my mastering of the language. We have invested in the future of R by becoming a Benefactor of the R Foundation—a non-profit group dedicated to ensuring the continued development of R—alongside other large enterprises like Merck and Shell.

As more people adopt the language for their businesses and research projects, their innovations will be woven into the already intricate tapestry of R, enhancing and coloring the experiences of its entire user-base. There is no better time to integrate R into your workflow than now.

Online Pokies Tools – Increase Your Winnings

Online Poker Tools to assist you to win much more playing the on-line texas hold’em If you are major regarding on the internet texas hold’em, having on the internet casino poker devices such as a stats tracker, and a chances calculator, are vital. Virtually every winning on-line expert casino poker gamer has both of these devices performing at a provided time.

Although they are well worth their moderate expense (about $70), it is feasible to obtain these on-line casino poker devices totally free! All you need to do is to register to a brand-new casino poker space, down payment some cash, perhaps play a couple of hands, and the online pokies device is your own totally free! Do not make the error of obtaining incorrect online poker devices. I have actually paid numerous bucks trying every texas hold’em devise readily available. Review my testimonials to make the very best choice.

My Recommendations

When you play texas hold’em, I suggest running at the very least 3 devices. I run free online pokies win real money Edge and Poker Office constantly behind-the-scenes, they give profoundly valuable details on your play and also your challenger’s play. I constantly have a casino poker calculator working, Holdem Indicator is my favored for basic usage, yet when I can I additionally utilize Holdem Hawk (when the casino poker space permits me!

Texas hold’em Office is innovative on-line texas hold’em device that I make use of rather of Poker Tracker. Made use of in combination with Poker Edge, I have an extremely effective on the internet casino poker stats established up.

Texas hold’em Edge: There are a number of various devices that do generally comparable work. However, this is my preferred. Texas hold’em Edge tracks the play of a massive number of gamers so you can see stats of every person on their massive data source. I run this software application every time I play texas hold’em online pokies real money no deposit, and also, it has actually been extremely really handy.

The totally free certificate is readily available when you authorize up to lots of casino poker areas noted below. Holdem Indicator likewise has standard gamers tracking overview for identifying gamer that you are playing with. All in all, this is possibly the ideal online poker probabilities calculator on the market. At the really the very least, I advise that you obtain Poker Edge, Poker Office, and Holdem Indicator. When I can, rather of running Holdem Genius, I run Holdem Hawk, which is a much more effective device, yet however, it is so great that Poker Stars outlaw individuals from utilizing it. Bear in mind these are all cost-free, so you undoubtedly have absolutely nothing to shed in obtaining them all.

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Free Tips on Football Betting Approach – “Any Which Way But Loose”

The factor so many sports wagerers are extra vulnerable to bank on football really comes down to the chances and also the lines handicappers supply on the games. With some specialized research study, anybody can bet on football and also become fairly efficient. The secret is to never become as well money grubbing as well as always keep the focus on what the study shows and not what the daftar agen sbobet chances are claiming.

Really frequently, gamblers that wager on football are disappointed when they first start placing their bets during pre-season. As a matter of fact, pre-season can be a fun time to view football yet a terrible time to bank on football. This schedules not simply to the volatility of the gamers as they settle right into the period, but likewise the trainers, that frequently turn their players in and also out of games to research new players’ performance.

Football Betting Online For Globe Cup 2010

Football wagering is meant for fans to enhance their experience of the game, a means to feel even more totally entailed. Yet a follower’s home group passion can be his/her ruin. Probably most importantly in football wagering, be clinical. Several bettors have actually committed to never ever bank on their favored team, surrendering themselves to an inability to see the video game fairly. While this might not be needed for each football gambler, it is absolutely prudent to strive to get rid of as much feeling as possible from the football bet. The majority of sporting activities gamblers are aware that there’s no better betting than online football betting situs judi bola terbesar.

NCAA College Football Betting Lines

It is necessary for bettors that bank on football to find out all they can regarding the teams playing in both university and NFL football. Much more notably, gamblers who bet on football require to adhere to the injury records for the gamers on the teams they are considering banking on in any offered game. Key injuries alter everything, which is one reason for huge activity between early-morning lines and the lines at game time. As a winning football gambler when said, the last weekend break’s video game can teach you exactly how to improve yet following weekend’s games are the games you stand to win.

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Tips For Presenting Female Pleasant Porn Into Your Relationship

The experts suggest that the major use of the iPod video will certainly be the brief videos, funny components taken from life. The argument for this fact is that the iPod videos are also tiny for being seen by too many people at the same time and require more attention than the audio programs. A possible negative aspect is a fact that lots of iPod videos may be utilized by young adults for porn videos, truth that might assist the porn sector in developing its programs and also success. One more step concerns the TV signal specific to your nation. You may likewise manage the quantity levels from the iPod quantity control.

Couple Pleasant Porn

A few other alternatives might come immediately after the full success of the presented ones. The great success may be made sure for the company and especially for this bold project without also having clear and specific proofs from the consumer market. Besides, the options on the new iPod video might be appealing for those who favor not to mix the mobile with video clip choices. This element brazzers porn hub might stand for the following action in the video clip development although there are lots of skeptic points of view concerning these brand-new patterns in the television industry.

Managing Porn Addiction – Killer Realities That You Must Know

You might also attach the iPod video to a TV as well as for this operation you might need some things – an iPod suitable video, a video clip capable iPod and an A/V cable. The following procedures problem your abilities in picking the ideal options on your video clip iPod: you ought to choose video setting from the menu, then you need to readjust the video playback style you require. From this point on you may pick on your video iPod the motion picture, program or video clip music you yespornplease cum4k want to see. You have to pick the choice TELEVISION on and after a status screen appeared on your iPod, the video is repeated on the TELEVISION. Other options pertain to the image display on the TV set utilizing the AV cord, discussing the truth that the pictures are extremely clear a maybe a little brighter than other displays.

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Advice On University Football Betting Prediction Solutions

As a result of the quick-rising betting on the Web, it is not as tough to wager as it made use of to be. You can simply discover for the websites via search engines and also you can merely just position your bet through you direct spread o straight-up betting. The most effective aspect of online football betting is that you’ll be able to get incentives so that you can have a lot more chances of winning. If you use your brains well, you will acquire in a snap. Always remember that good luck is not whatever when you talk about professional football wagering odds. Those that do depend on pure good luck alone shed a lot of the time because they rely upon their intestine really feels. 

Does Football Betting Pay For Genuine?

Keep in mind that the combination of luck and the appropriate info will be an extra deadly combination when it involves winning wagers. The truth is the risks of profits can not actually be computed quickly. The risks of you winning really depends upon the circumstance and there is really no particular means to understand if you bet on the right group. Sure, there are great deals of equations around that state they have the ideal formula for winning yet really there is no chance to discover. The best method is to pick the one that is a lot more sense rather than those daftar agen bola terbaik that is as well challenging, clinical or mathematical.

Football Betting Tips That Spell Success

As it is just one of the most preferred sport, football betting has ended up being a significant and normal activity amongst football fans. A significant number of individuals, including bookies are making substantial revenues with football betting. Currently, lots of football betting methods are practiced by bookmakers as well as punters. Football wagering is likewise offered online these days. Nevertheless, you need to choose a site for this. Always pick a reputed website. The critical aspect of on-line football betting is the “pay time”, that is, after cara daftar sbobet how much time you obtain the bet cash. On top of that, locate football betting sites that offer all the information on betting odds together with practical information on football wagering. Punters practice a variety of football wagering techniques and also the proper rating approach is one of them.

Poker Online

Online poker Pages at

As the gaming sector remains to be highly advanced killing the obstacles of time, and also range, many people are now playing the on the internet casino poker area, that one requirement is a skill as well as adequate funds to access the website and begin betting other people from various locations. If you have ever before participated in any online casino or various other video gaming facility, possibilities are great that you may have faced a person who the best area to play a hot game of texas hold’em Poker Online can be found. 


The experience of looking the web for online texas hold’em space like can be equally as frustrating as the look for the offline traditional counterpart in any kind of pc gaming-friendly cities such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City. The search for the most effective websites, the fastest payments as well as the most secure on the internet texas hold’em space and gambling enterprises can bring about a lot of stumbling blocks, wasted time and also worse, threw away cash. But the search for an ideal on the internet poker area such as doesn’t need to be tough or perhaps extremely long if the customer focuses on a few main qualities that are crucial to the success of any kind of online casino poker room gambling establishment or online poker area.

Leading Star Texas Hold’em Players

Safety versus unlawful tampering as well as defense against collusion as well as gamers who collaborate to rip off the various other players that may be new to the principle of the online casino poker room is both essential locations to attend to in the look for on-line texas hold’em area and also gambling enterprises worth playing. Without the proper security functions, the gamer can’t make sure that payment details and individual data aren’t being duplicated from the website and also the Poker Online Indonesia data that streams to and fro from a gamer as well as a poker room. The truth of the matter is that finding the one ideal place for the playing of texas hold’em or various other betting and also video gaming activities is a near-impossible job, considering that every gambling enterprise, casino poker room and also video gaming facility proclaims itself to be the most effective, the greatest paying as well as the most reputable.

Judi Poker

Is Online Poker Gaming Or Investing? A Different Expectation on Poker

In summary, the policy of on the internet texas holds ’em generally would lead to the capacity to formally carry out age discovery safeguards, which would eliminate the youth from betting online. Although this might not be 100 % foolproof, it will go along means to protecting and also shielding today’s young people from the possible damage pressures of on the internet gambling, and is certainly the very best concession Agen Poker QQ that can be achieved. As the world listens to extra about casino poker, increasingly more individuals from different walks of life are beginning to obtain a rate of interest at online poker.

The Use Of Online Poker Aides Online – A Double-Edged Sword

Poker gaming can be a great deal of enjoyable and you can win a great quantity of cash if you are good at casino poker. If you have actually never ever bet before or played casino poker you need to start sluggish so you do not lose a lot of money simultaneously. You can discover texas hold’em gambling in a gambling enterprise, nevertheless, texas holds ’em betting has actually become popular online also. You can locate lots of sites that permit you to play casino poker and gamble your cash on the end result. If you are mosting likely to bet on casino poker online you must find a terrific website to do it at Judi Poker. Texas hold’em is thought about as one of the most played card video games worldwide.

Principles of Casino poker – How to Play it Well!

If you decide to go casino poker gambling online you will want to understand the arrangement of the website as well as how it functions. Be sure that any type of cost you pay is affordable also. If you are uncertain of your poker skills you might wish to put in the time to play cost-free online poker first so you can brighten up your abilities. You must also locate a site that has high-quality people and that affords you an excellent, fun casino poker game. This brings in money for your house while engaging players to accept the challenge. Casino poker has ended up being as prominent as the NBA. This results from the fact that you only require an excellent chair, a table, a deck of cards, and a chip to play casino poker. 


Be Cautious of Supposed Baccarat Method

Those participating in the game place a wager on either the BANK or the GAMER. Two hands, of 2 cards each, are dealt from the Baccarat “shoe”. Later on, a 3rd card may be required for either hand. The initial handstands for those banking on the PLAYER, the other banking on the BANK. The winning hand is the one which amounts to the closest to 9. 10s, cards completing ten, or photo cards count as gtrbet99 absolutely nothing or zero. All other cards count as their stated value. 

Travel Not Required

All wagers for the BANK or the GAMER pay even cash. Winning FINANCIAL INSTITUTION bets are charged a 5% commission. You may wager that the BANK and also the PLAYER will attract hands that connect. This wager pays eight-to-one. You can choose between extremely reduced risks and exceptionally high risks Baccarat. Typically, the greater stakes baccarat gamers have their own playing field different from the typical tables. This game is really interactive as well as fun. Take a chance at the GTRBET next baccarat table because you know exactly how to play now. Have fun gambling!

A Quick Background of Baccarat

Online video gaming systems have come to be more preferred when gambling enterprise games have actually been included in their typical lists of games. Among the highly celebrated games of all is baccarat and it was even made renowned when the notorious James Bond plays baccarat game in the majority of his movies. There is no solitary method that can bring you to success. You additionally require to discover when to stop playing and when to continue. Availability to high-stakes gambler baccarat was enabled with the intro of several online gambling establishment video game websites.

What Is Flat Betting?

Increasingly more individuals become brought in to this video game possibly because of the promised loan and ton of money it holds. Nonetheless if you would contrast the methods to play baccarat online with the traditional means then there is a lot you must learn initially. Using this online system, you do not require any more to utilize big bets or amount of money due to the fact that you can wager as reduced as $25 or if you have adequate cash to extra then you can do high-stakes gambler baccarat.

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