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Do you need an oily skin remedy? Are your oil glands in overdrive? Midday shine got you down? If you are looking forward to chemical peel near me costa mesa

Ancient Oily Skin Remedy

Blotting sheets to the rescue!

While not a cure-all, facial blotting sheets will eliminate excess surface oil. With this old-time trick in your bag, your face can look fresh all day long.

These face saving papers are not new. They date back to the early 17th century. We have some very clever, ancient Japanese women to thank for helping us fight the shine today.

It all began with a group of skilled artisans who practiced the craft of “Gold Leaf.” They painstakingly created Gold Leaf using an exclusive, highly absorbent paper. The Gold Leaf was then used to adorn temples and shrines in Kyoto, Japan.

Okay, so what does Gold Leaf have to do with oily skin care? Leftover scraps of the essential paper were passed on to the beautiful Geisha women.

Fortunately for us, these industrious Japanese women recognized the cosmetic value of the paper. They salvaged the scraps to care for and revive their delicate, porcelain skin.

Thank you ladies!

Oily Skin

For effective oily skin care you want to control oil while preserving moisture. All skin needs moisture, even oily skin. Limit facial cleansing to twice a day… morning and night. Washing more often will strip oil from your skin. This will trigger the glands to produce more oil… the complete opposite of what you want!

Enter blotting sheets. With these magical papers, you can eliminate oil without washing. They remove excess oil while leaving moisture intact. And blotting sheets won’t disturb makeup.

Cosmetic blotting papers are no longer leftover, hand-me-downs. They are hygienically manufactured specifically for skin care. Today, absorbent sheets are offered in purse-size packages for convenience. Pop them in your bag… they’re available any time your skin is in need of a quick refresh.

Cosmetic blotting sheets

Simple and Natural

Cosmetic blotting sheets are quick and easy to use. Simply press gently to your face. Pay particular attention to the T-zone… forehead, nose, and chin.

Choose blotting sheets without additives…

No fragrance

No powder

No artificial enhancements

Chemicals are not necessary. The absorption quality of this paper alone is sufficient to eliminate shine.

Try cosmetic blotting sheets for an effective oily skin remedy. They’re inexpensive, convenient, and highly effective. You’ll love how you look with this ancient beauty secret!

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