Interactive Togel Gaming Summit Hits Toronto

PRNewswire – “Gambling is the biggest growth area on the Internet and we believe its true potential as a traffic and revenue driver has yet to be fully realized.” – Amanda Anthony, an MSN business marketing manager.

“We were profitable from day one,” says Playboy Chief Executive Christie Hefner about her company’s gaming service. “Barring some nuclear event, I put my money on online gaming being the biggest source of online revenue for us in five years.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Interactive gaming is now recognized as an enormous long-term opportunity for technology companies, entertainment companies, governments, and existing land-based gambling companies around the world. There is one event where the major players meet to realize i-gaming’s potential.

The Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo, already the largest tradeshow in the industry, is the single most important event for i-gaming executives, operators, officials, legislators, investors, and suppliers.

The 2002 Summit includes a full educational conference with three concurrent seminar tracks as well as a full-sized tradeshow with over 100 exhibiting companies expected. Gambling’s movers and shakers, along with a confluence of government officials, investors technology specialists, entertainment reps, will attend this one event, where the major announcements, the major decisions, the major buys, and the most important networking opportunities will occur.

Register now for The Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo by visiting Read about the program schedule, book your flight and hotel room, get questions answered by the show producers, and learn why the Summit 2002 may be the most important event in the gambling and entertainment industries.

Register online, by phone, or by fax and reserve your place at this prestigious event.

Tattersall’s Brings its Togel Experience to the Net

Australia’s oldest gaming and entertainment company has entered the world of Internet gambling with the launch of its online casino.

Earlier this week, Tattersall’s launched the all-new and it should do quite well if the company’s history is any indication.

Tattersall’s has been in business in Australia since 1896, operating internationally-renowned lotteries and gaming establishments across much of the Southern Hemisphere, and has earned a reputation for excellence.

The new casino site is operating under an interactive gaming license from the Tasmanian Gaming Commission – Tasmania is a state of Australia – and offers visitors a number of download options.

Players can choose from the Table Games download pack, which includes Blackjack and poker, the Slots Pack with two of casino’s best slots games, or the All Games option with 11 games to choose from. There’s also a 20% sign-up bonus available to attract new players.

The people behind the new site are excited about what it has to offer. John Mortimore, general manager of the Interactive Gaming Division of Tattersall’s, said, “Tattersall’s Casino has been in testing for the last few months to ensure that our product meets the requirements of an increasingly discerning international player.

“We entered the market with the intention of creating a finished product after feed-back from real players from a range of countries. Our research suggests that players have tired of gimmick-style operators and are returning to classic, quality entertainment from bona fide first-world government licensed operators.”

Player security is a prime concern for Tattersall’s, but so are the legal issues surrounding the ever-changing world of online gambling. The company has also gone to some trouble to block players from certain countries, including Canada, the U.S., and Australia, from placing real money bets at the site.

“It is very important to us that Tattersall’s good standing around the world is maintained,” said Mortimore. “Where it is clear that players should not be accessing the casino in the Play for Cash mode, we provide a Play for Points alternative.”

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