How We Work

As a Demand Generation Strategy Firm, ANNUITAS goes beyond just consulting.  We partner with our clients to not only develop and design the strategies needed to succeed in todays Buyer 2.0 environment, but working with them ensure these strategies are implemented and optimized.

What makes ANNUITAS different?  We do not begin our engagements with technology tune-ups or workshops.  All of our client engagements are steeped in deep insights and start with strategy that is designed to develop programs and build Demand Generation Organizations that Engage, Nurture and Convert buyers through their buying process.

ANNUITAS believes so strongly in this insight+ strategy approach that our entire organization is built around enabling this for our clients.  Our strategic initiatives are led by one of the ANNUITAS Principals and supported by a team including a Vice-President of Strategy, Strategy Director and Strategy Consultants.

When working with our clients,ANNUITAS  goes beyond the development of strategy.  We partner with our clients to ensure that the strategy is then implemented and optimized.  This is done through our Practice Areas working in tandem with our strategy teams through our client’s lifecycle.

How We Deliver Our Services

ANNUITAS takes one of two approaches when first engaging with our clients.

The first is “Tops Down” organizational transformation approach that begins with a Demand Process AuditTM.  The Audit is designed to take a look at the organizations approach to Demand Generation and identify the gaps in organizational structure, buyer insights, content development, technology and KPIs that are limiting our clients from implementing strategic, perpetual, revenue producing Demand Generation Programs.

Depending on the findings of the Audit, ANNUITAS then works with our clients to develop a next stage to address the gaps and help transform the overall Demand ProcessTM. These transformative next steps may include a Demand Process Blueprint or a Strategic Demand Generation Program.

The second approach to working with our clients is a “bottoms up” program transformation approach.  In these instances, ANNUITAS and our clients identify a business unit, target vertical, or solution set to develop and implement a Strategic Demand Generation Program.  This “pilot” program serves as a way for the organization to begin to adopt Demand Process in a controlled setting without large disruptions to the business.  Once the Demand Generation Program Strategy is developed, the next phase is Demand Generation Program Implementation which is also led and managed by the ANNUITAS team.

Each program is supported via a Demand Process Optimization, which uses data, analysis and insight to ensure the program is finely tuned to maximize results and improve customer lifetime value.

Each of these phases is a beginning point for the Transformation that ANNUITAS brings to their clients.  Each and every engagement is customized to the individual clients needs and aligned to their goals and objectives and therefore next steps beyond the initial engagement are carefully planned and executed to lead our clients to a full Demand Process Transformation that ensures that People, Process, Content and Technology are all aligned around the buyer for maximum return on our clients Demand Generation Programs.

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