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Email deliverability in the Enterprise is a complex subject with many moving parts. There are many things that can happen to prevent email from reaching a prospect or customer’s inbox, and the goal of achieving favorable “inbox placement” can be extremely challenging, especially when one considers that there are often no clear indicators as to whether an email actually makes it to the inbox, a junk folder or even past the ISPs filters, regardless of which Marketing Automation or Email service Provider you use.

ANNUITAS is the only Demand Process Transformation℠ firm that can assist in Email Delivery and Privacy, ensuring that your email marketing and nurture programs are delivered into the inbox. We assist in evaluating Privacy policies, mailing infrastructure set up, authentication, sender reputation, bounce and complaints management, list quality and permissions, CAN-SPAM compliance, message content and delivery tracking. We also provide ISP remediation and outreach, domain specific volume and policy guidelines, and industry updates.

We offer several services in this space, specifically:

  • Email Deliverability
  • Email Remediation
  • List and Contact Data Strategy

Deliverability Audits are available and include a comprehensive report on the state of the ESP. These introductory programs provide an overview of the five major key factors that drastically affect delivery and audit criteria:

  • Business Policies – focuses on CAN-SPAM compliance and permission levels.
  • Infrastructure – examines IP address structure, volume throttling, RCF compliance, and authentication.
  • Content & Design – examines website and email content consistency, email client rendering, and spam assassin testing.
  • Reputation – various public and private blacklists, and web reputation.
  • Data Management – data collection and hygiene, feedback loop, unsubscribe management, and bounce management.

Our Privacy & Compliance Consultants have comprehensive knowledge of privacy principles and practices as they relate to email marketing, data collection, processing and use.  Our certified privacy experts can provide guidance on U.S. and international email marketing legislation and can assess your environment and current practices, develop and help implement customized email data solutions.

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