A Power Breakfast – B2B Marketing Style

Last week’s Saint Patrick’s Day in Boston kicked off with a power breakfast event hosted by Aberdeen Group with marketers sharing thoughts and best practices on everything from persona development to change management. My favorite take away of the morning focused on buyer engagement and content consumption – act and score on intent, not just action, according to the panel.

The event was the first in a series called Content Essentials #ABGbreakfast featuring high profile Boston marketers including Samatha Stone, Katie Martell, David Cunningham and out-of-towners Carlos Hidalgo and Mathew Sweezey. The session was facilitated by Chief Content Officer/ Managing Director of Aberdeen Group, Maribeth Ross.

If you missed the event, take a look at a few key pieces of advice from the panel. The combination of tactical and strategic advice shared by the panel is very actionable. Much of the discussion was focused on knowing your buyer and how to best engage them. Implementing even a few of these tips will improve your content effectiveness and enhance your marketing efforts.

Favorite tips from the power panel:

Use a set of data points, not just a single piece of data to gain a full understanding with context.” Carlos Hidalgo

 “If you are not using progressive profiling today, start. It’s the best way to gain information from your buyers.” Samantha Stone

“Best practice for content is the ‘you check.’ Look at your content and count how many times it says ‘you’. If it doesn’t include ‘you’ – fix that.”  Katie Martell / Maribeth Ross

“When running a webinar, pepper in questions to engage the audience and gain valuable insights.” David Cunningham

“The download metric is only half of the customer equation.” Mathew Sweezey

“Use buyer profile and buyer persona information to develop content.” Samantha Stone

“Talk to your buyers. Ask what their biggest challenge is and then answer that with your content.” Katie Martell

 “Technology enables a strategy –  that is all.” Maribeth Ross

If you don’t follow these marketers on a regular basis, start now. The practical advice and strategic insights shared at the event gave attendees a lot of think about and even more to act on. Understanding your buyers is the first rule in B2B marketing today and you do this by talking to your buyers, building out personas and then developing content that maps to your buyers and the buying committee throughout the journey. It takes more than luck to build great marketing, even on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston. Thanks to Aberdeen Group for hosting the event.

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